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Reasons To Clean the Terracotta Tiles on Your Roof

If your home's terracotta roof is covered in dirt and algae, a simple cleaning can remove the dirt and algae and restore the roof's warm red and orange tones. You may think cleaning is purely cosmetic. However, while it does enhance a house's appearance, it can also save money on repairs and prolong the roof's life. Read on to learn more.

Improve the Kerb View

The roofing covers a vast expanse of a house. So if it's covered in dirty brown and green gunge, the kerb view will suffer. Cleaning the tiles will give the roof and building a fresh look. This rejuvenation is especially helpful if you're selling your home, as it will help create a positive first impression.

Extend the Lifespan of the Tiles

Removing algae and moss can extend the life of tiles. These growths hold on to moisture, and they can have the effect of laying a damp blanket over the roof. Constant moisture can degrade the terracotta and shorten its lifespan. Also, moss growth can put pressure on the tiles and cause them to crack. Cleaning this scum from the tiles will allow them to dry out in the sun and maintain them in good condition. You then won't be forced into prematurely replacing the roof.

Contractors may use a combination of gentle pressure washing and manual cleaning, depending on the problem. They'll be relatively careful, as terracotta tiles can be damaged by high-pressure washing. They'll use treatments to deal with the particular issues, whether they're moss, algae, or dirt.

Discover Problems

Terracotta tile cleaning also provides other side benefits you may not have considered. Mildew and dirt can hide cracks and damage. Once this grunge is removed, any problems will reveal themselves. Or, contractors may come across other issues while cleaning the tiles, such as loose flashing around a chimney that is not sealed correctly.

The problem with gaps in the roof, even small ones, is that they can let rain seep inside the roof cavity. Over time, moisture can build up, and you can be left with repair bills to replace rotted timber roof battens or mouldy ceiling plaster. A simple small hole that is easily fixed can escalate into a range of other problems in your home. Mould and mildew growth can spread to the walls and other building parts, creating an unhealthy indoor environment. However, maintaining your roof with a good clean can help prevent needless cash outlays and keep your home healthier.

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