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4 Reasons Skillion Roofs Are Great For Granny Flats

Granny flats can make a great addition to your property whether you're building one for a loved one or in order to create extra income in one of the states that allow these structures to be rented out. Of course, one of the most important decisions you'll need to make is what kind of roof to use with your granny flat kit. You'll often have more options and different concerns when you're picking the roof for a granny flat as opposed to a traditional home, and you're likely to find that skillion roofs represent the best option.

While most sloped roofs consist of two or more sloped surfaces that meet at the top, a skillion roof features only one large sloping surface across the whole property. Here are just four reasons why this makes them ideal for granny flats.

1. Low Price And Easy Installation

Adding a granny flat can be expensive, so it makes sense to keep costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. Skillions roofs are great in this regard since they are much cheaper than multiple slope roofs. They are also faster and easier to install than other types, so you'll enjoy lower labour costs.

2. Excellent Drainage

You'll see many granny flats built with flat roofs, but this can make drainage a problem. Since granny flats have the main room right beneath the roof, any water intrusion will be a real issue. For greater peace of mind, fit a skillion roof instead. Water will drain away easily thanks to their relatively steep pitch, and the fact you have one single surface across the entire building helps ensure water cannot penetrate.

3. Ideal For Smaller Structures

As relatively small buildings, granny flats can often take on an overly busy appearance when they are designed like larger dwellings. You can prevent that appearance by using a skillion roof. They provide a clean, streamlined look that will work perfectly with the size of a granny flat and make the building itself appear larger rather than smaller.

4. Perfect For Bringing In Natural Light

Privacy can sometimes be an issue with granny flats since all windows will be at ground level, but they still need plenty of natural light. One way around this is to supplement a few traditional windows with skylights. The long unbroken slope of a skillion roof is ideal for the installation of skylights, and they also ensure sunlight is able to stream in throughout the day.

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