Do You Need a New Roof?

The Bold Eco-Conscious Home: Re-Defining 'Normal' Sustainable Roofing Materials

As an eco-conscious home owner, you're always looking for a way to break out from the norm. So, you plant in containers, you invest in environmentally friendly solar panels, and you even install rain tanks to collect all the rain water that would otherwise go to waste. Now, it's time for a new roof, and of course, you want to go a step further, far out of the box! How about sustainable, recycled roofing materials? Here are a few unusual roofing materials for your modern home.

Tyre roofing

Out of the norm—right? Tyre roofing is ideal for a homeowner looking for a sustainable and efficient roofing material that is not the usual. A tyre roof has a long lifespan, has waterproof qualities and is durable in nature. You can use shingles made from recycled tyres to replace your roofing tiles, and your house is sure to stand out on the block. Although these shingles may seem unusual, they will meet your household needs when it comes to withstanding harsh winds and insulating your home.

Recycled plastic roofing

Looking for an interesting, yet unusual, roofing material? A recycled plastic roof is bound to put your house on the map for the reduce, reuse re-purpose message. A plastic roof is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and harmful bacteria. It can be formed into any shape you desire, and even though it is unconventional, this type of roofing is waterproof and can be highly ventilated.

Scrap metal roofing

If you're looking forward to investing in a good roof that has a green advantage, how about refraining from sending scrap aluminium and steel to the junkyard? Shingles made from scrap metal are long lasting. Also, metal roofs are fire resistant and ideal for a homeowner who wants to collect rain water. Pleased yet? You can recycle a metal roof over and over, making scrap metal roofing one of the most sustainable yet unusual roofing option.

Green roofing

Of course, the unusual roofing materials mentioned above are, with no doubt, off the beaten path. However, there is one roofing option that wears the crown of the ultimate unusual, yet sustainable roof. It is the living roof! A living roof, commonly known as a green roof, is a roofing option that is characterised by a layer of vegetation being placed on your roof. It consists of layers supporting drainage, support, vapor control, insulation and structural support. A living roof is deemed to improve air quality, not to mention that you will now have vegetables readily available up high above!

Contact a roofing company in your area to learn more about your re-roofing options.

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