Do You Need a New Roof?

6 Signs that you Should Replace Your Roof Tile

Roof installment can be a very huge investment for your home. Roof repair can be a suitable alternative when the roof is destroyed so that it needs replacement. It can save you money and add life to your roof. Additionally, in cases of emergencies, it will protect the property you have in the home from harsh weather conditions. 

Here are 6 signs you should consider roof tiling repair as a roofing solution.

1. Broken Tiles

It is easy to ignore your roof because many of them have been stable and functioning for a long time. However, it is important that you conduct periodic inspections and identify any broken tiles that need repair. If you find any that are cracked, are broken or have any other form of damage, contact your roofing contractor to repair the tiles in your roof that need repair. 

2. The Roof Is Very Old 

Your roof's longevity depends on the material used. Companies provide you with a warranty once you install the roof for a given period. However, if your roof is very old, you may need to repair the tiles that have become worn-out over the years, especially if the material used does not have a long life. 

3. Leaks and Signs of Water Damage

There is no doubt that if your roof starts to leak water into the house, it needs urgent repair. While the roof might indicate that the entire roof needs replacing, you may not have all the funds necessary for such an investment. If this is the case, consider replacing a few tiles and buy yourself some time to replace the entire roof. 

4. Streams of Light Entering Your Attic

The attic that many often abandon with old boxes can help you notice when there is an issue in your roof. As a part of the house directly connected to the roof, it is important that you constantly inspect it for streaks of light coming in from the sun into your home. This is a sign of some gaps in your roof. 

If this is the case, ensure you replace the specific tiles that are allowing the light into the home. A roofing contractor can conduct this inspection for you and advice on the areas that need rectification. 

5. Sagging

Your roofline should be flat. However, you can tell if your roof tiles are compromised if they begin to sag. If you notice your roof has saggy areas and valleys where it should be flat, it is time to contact your roofing contractor for roof tile repair.

6. Missing tiles

Your tile roof only functions if it is complete; therefore, if you find that some tiles are missing, replace them as soon as possible.

In case your home has been through trauma from things like storms, or even if it has been standing for a very long time and is due for an inspection, a roof contractor should be among your first calls. These warning signs will help you make that call faster while your rood is still standing and before the damage is too much to repair. 

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