Do You Need a New Roof?

Benefits Of Steel Roofing

When it's time to replace your roof, one of your first tasks will be to select a new material. One popular option is steel. Here are a few of the many benefits of this metal.

Suits All Climates

No matter what climate you live in, you'll be able to find steel roofing to make the most of local conditions. With a low thermal mass, metal doesn't absorb and store heat, so these roofs allow cool evening air to transfer through, refreshing your home as you sleep. 

If steel allows the easy transfer of temperature, you might be then concerned that it will allow heat from solar radiation to move straight into your home. However, the advanced reflective coatings on many roofs cause them to reflect radiation away. Because of these benefits, steel is an ideal option for hot climates. For colder regions of Australia also, this type of roofing functions efficiently when you combine it with insulation to hold winter warmth inside. For alpine areas, steel sheets provide a better option than tiles which can trap snow, causing water damage. Conversely, snow easily slides off metal onto the ground below.


When you install a roof replacement, you want it to last for decades. Steel is extremely tough and durable, as its use in major constructions demonstrates. While it is sturdy, some forms can rust, but this depends on the particular composition. With a large amount of inner chromium, stainless steel is one naturally rust-resistant variety. Other types of sheeting undergo various treatments to provide resilience against moisture. Galvanised steel has a layer of zinc, which naturally repels corrosion. Other roofs feature a coating of zinc and aluminium (and silicon) to create a protective layer. Some roofs have a baked-on layer of polyester paint on top of a metallic coating for extra durability and resilience. 

Thus, current advanced technologies ensure the durability and longevity of steel roofs. Sometimes you can select from different grades that suit particular environments. Coastal regions, for instance, are notoriously harsh on metal because of their corrosive salty air. Many roof types specifically suit these kinds of conditions. 

Variety Of Design Options

Providing an attractive, smooth and sleek look, steel roofs are available in a range of profiles and colours. Whether your home is a workers cottage, a Queenslander, a Victorian or a modern style, you will be able to find a relevant design when undergoing a metal roof replacement. Inspired by the hues of the Australian bush and current fashions, many come in a range of beautiful, subtle colours, such as green-greys, slate-blues and deep-ochres.

For more information on your metal roof replacement options, contact a roofer.

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