Do You Need a New Roof?

3 Pests That Roof Restoration Will Help to Keep Out of Your Home

Have you restored your roof lately? Roof restoration involves examining your roof for damage or wear and then fixing any issues, such as broken tiles, that might be present. Broken tiles, damaged flashing and old paintwork can leave your roof susceptible to leaks and wind damage. 

But that's not all. Australia is home to a range of pests that would love to nest inside your roof cavity if they could. If you leave your roof in a poorly maintained state, you risk allowing one of the following damaging pests entry into your home. 

1. Possums

Possums will usually leave roofs alone as long as their natural habitat is left alone. However, when construction work or tree removal deprives them of their natural habitat, possums will move into a roof cavity if entry is possible. One way that possums can gain entry into your roof is via a section of roof where the tiles are missing or broken. 

If possums gain entry to your roof and nest in the roof void, they will keep you awake at night with their noisy movements. Worse than that, you may even begin to smell their excrete and urine and see the stains from those forming on your ceiling. Plus, possums can cause even more damage to an already-damaged roof when they rip tiles away in order to gain entry into the roof void. 

2. Mynah Birds

Mynah birds are another pest that will happily take advantage of damaged or missing roof tiles. And much like possums, mynah birds are noisy, especially when they have young to rear. Not only that, but the droppings they leave piled in your roof void will stain your ceiling and wooden supports. Mynah birds may also bring lice into your home. 

3. Drywood Termites

One of the most destructive pests that might gain entry to your roof via broken roof tiles is the drywood termite. Drywood termites aren't like their subterranean cousins that need moisture and that attack from the soil. Drywood termites need only the wood that they live in to survive. 

And the exposed wooden beams in your roof void are the perfect nesting location for a pair of drywood termites to build a new colony. If termites manage to make a nest in your roof, you don't need to be told that you'll soon have much more than a roof to restore.   

Have you spotted broken tiles on your roof? Has bad weather dislodged several tiles from your roof? Then consider the risks if you don't act quickly to repair the damage. Call a roof restoration company today and save yourself the additional problem of roof-invading pests. 

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