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5 Reasons to Consider Timber Wall Frames in Your Next Project

While timber wall frame construction is not a new concept, almost every contractor is making use of it across Australia. These construction materials feature in many custom home designs because of their superior qualities. Here are five reasons why you should consider timber wall frames in your next construction project. 

They Are More Affordable

Most construction projects face significant challenges due to unexpected delays. As a result, homeowners end up spending more money before project completion. However, this is never a problem when working with timber wall frames. They are assembled in an off-site workshop, away from unexpected interruptions such as weather elements. Hence, there is no space for guesswork when it comes to construction timelines. Additionally, these materials are less labour-intensive, meaning that homeowners can save more money on workforce and machinery. 

They Allow Faster Construction

Timber frames are assembled indoors after which they are shipped onsite for installation. That allows you to call in other tradespeople such as plumbers and electricians much sooner. Unlike concrete, you don't have to wait for your structure to dry up. Therefore, timber wall frames allow faster construction any time of the year, which, in turn, reduces construction costs.

They Are Highly Energy Efficient

Compared to many construction materials, timber has excellent insulating properties. Its thermal efficiency helps the structure remain warm and comfortable. Generally, manufactured timber wall frames come as SIPs (structural insulated panels). That means that they possess high levels of accuracy and energy efficiency. The use of timber wall frames, thus helps you save on fuel costs while also offering a clean environment. 

They Offer More Flexibility

By using timber wall frames, you don't have to sacrifice a lot of options. For instance, the wall frames can help conceal essential components like electrical and air conditioning units. Also, timber frames offer excellent support to the structure, which allows contractors to design open floor plans. You may also complement the interior and exterior design of your building with other materials such as brick or steel. 

Excellent Design and Aesthetics

Indeed, the appearance of your structure matters a lot. Compared to bricks, timber wall frames are more flexible. That's because they are lightweight, allowing for more complex structural designs. Additionally, timber frames offer many options in terms of finishing and material choices. 

Final Thoughts

These are the five main reasons why you should consider timber wall frames for your next structural construction project. In a nutshell, they are affordable, efficient and flexible and offer excellent designs and faster construction speeds.  

For more information about timber wall frames, reach out to a professional in your area. 

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