Do You Need a New Roof?

Three Signs Your Tile Roof Needs An Immediate Replacement

Most people don't often think about their roof, and the phrase 'out of sight, out of mind' is very appropriate when talking about roof repairs and replacements. However, if left completely unchecked, your tile roof will not last forever, and in fact, it can deteriorate much quicker than you expect if problems are not addressed. If you are wondering if your roof is repairable or it needs to be completely replaced, then there are some warning signs you should be looking out for, especially for those with a tile roof. Here are three red flags that indicate it is time to replace your tile roof.

Interior Water Damage

The number one thing your roof is supposed to do is protect you from the elements outside. If you notice that rain has started to enter your home and have determined that the only possible cause could be your roof, then it might be time for an inspection. Water can come in from many places, such as from dodgy pointing or individual tiles cracking or being dislodged. Always get an experienced roofer to help you determine the cause of the water, and they will also be best positioned to let you know whether or not you need to have a full roof replacement or if spot repairs will be enough.

Lots Of Cracked Tiles

While one or two cracked tiles should be expected when you survey your roof every few years, a lot of cracked tiles is not a good sign and can be an indicator that a roof replacement is necessary. This is because not only do the broken tiles themselves pose a threat to your home's safety, but it also indicates that there is likely a structural problem causing the tiles to break prematurely. Tiles should not be frequently cracking, so if a whole bunch of them do at once, it is a sign of serious underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Fixtures Broken Down

Tiles are not the only component of your roof, although it is easy to see them as being the most important part. There are several other fixtures you need to check on as well, such as the guttering, flashing, fascia board and any and all rooftop fixtures such as vents, solar panels or whirlybirds. Most of these are built to last for many years, so if your roof is getting old, you should be more cautious and have frequent roof inspections. If these break down, it is only a matter of time before rain, dirt and possibly vermin start to break into your home as well. 

To learn more, contact a roof replacement contractor.

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