Do You Need a New Roof?

Factors That Determine The Cost of Roof Repairs

Repairing a roof is an expensive and time-consuming affair that depends on the degree of restoration needed. A roof repair service should assess the condition of your roof before giving you a quote. Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of roof repairs.

Type of Roof

Roofs come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Each roof comes with unique repair methods. Therefore, the cost of roof repairs will, to a great extent, depend on the roof type.

For example, flat roofing surfaces are easy to fix because they are easy to access and navigate. Repairing a flat roof can be expensive, though, because they are prone to roof leaks which are difficult to repair. Sloped roofing may be difficult to clean, access, and inspect but they are less prone to leaks. Therefore, these types of roofs do not typically need the extensive repairs you find with flat roofs.

Roof Size

Before a roof is repaired, the contractor will measure the roof area. The size of the roofing repair job will affect the cost of repairs. Generally, a large damaged roof area is more expensive to repair.

Shingles are sold in squares. So, you will be charged for a square even if the repair is less than a square. However, if the roof damage is extensive, it is more cost-effective to replace your roof.

Chimney and Skylights

Skylights and chimneys can raise the cost of a roof repair. You may need to replace them at the same time you are repairing the roof. It is important for your roofer to inspect them for leaks or damage when examining the shingles.

If you need the professional to fix the flashing for the skylight or chimney, you will be expected to pay extra. However, if the chimney and skylights are fine, the roofer will still need to work around them when fixing your roof. This increases the cost of labour. 

Water Damage

One of the first things your roofer will look at when repairing your roof is water damage. A build-up of water and moisture can damage the structure of your house. This damage may not be apparent until the roof is removed. 

Repairing water damage is complex and requires large reconstructions. If left unattended, water damage can lead to expensive leak repairs and a full-blown re-roofing in the long run. Therefore, fixing water damage as well as other roofing issues will significantly inflate the price of roofing repairs.

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