Do You Need a New Roof?

When Should You Call Roofing Repair Experts? 3 Signs of a Damaged Roof

The roof protects you from outdoor elements such as wind, rain, and sun. The continuous exposure to these harsh outdoor factors means your roofing needs a lot of care and maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the roof may get damaged and require immediate attention. It is important to look out for top indications it is time to call the roofing repair professionals. That way, you can get the issue fixed before it worsens. The article highlights the top times to call roof repair specialists. 

When the Roof Is Water-Damaged

If you take proper care of the roof, it will protect you from extreme weather conditions like snow and hail. So, if there are any signs of water damage, it means your roof is not in the best condition. Some top indications of a water-damaged roof include leaking trails and dark spots. 

A well-maintained roof will also not experience mould growth and rot. Therefore, if you start noticing these elements in your house, your roof may need repairs. 

When There Are Cracks on the Tiles

When maintaining your roof, look out for broken or cracked tiles. Replacing these tiles early enough is important to ensure you get the protection you need. Keep in mind that one completely damaged shingle is all it takes for water to slip into your house. Once water seeps in, it may cause the ceilings and walls to start blistering and bubbling. 

Also, mould does not take long to grow in damp or moist areas. Cracks and holes on the roof tiles also create an entrance point for termites. Therefore, replace any damaged roofing tiles as soon as possible. 

When the Roof Is Old

Like all other man-made structures, roofs also undergo the ageing process. Elements such as moisture and pollution speed up this process, but as a general rule, a roof should serve you for about 20 years. If your roof has served you for that long, it is vital to get a professional inspection. 

The roofing professionals will let you know whether simple repairs are enough or if it is time for a roof replacement. Keep in mind that sometimes leaks can take years to penetrate the interior. So, your roofing might look okay on the outside but is in a terrible state. 

It is important to hire experts to maintain your roof at least once a year. However, also know the top indications that you need roofing repair. That way, you can call the professionals before the problem gets worse. Never attempt to repair the roof alone without the proper skills and equipment.   

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