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Granny Flat Kits with Flat Roofing: What Benefits Do They Have?

If you have an older adult in your family, you should probably consider the idea of granny flat kits. They are an additional house to the main one with all the basic features like the bathroom, living room, kitchen and laundry area.

With a granny flat, you will offer your elderly one their own private space that is not too far from the rest of the family. You can also use your granny flats as a guest house or additional storage area. Besides being so versatile, granny flats kits offer many more benefits, as listed below: 

They Are Durable and Safe

Granny flat kits are skillfully constructed to last long. You do not have to worry about attacks from pests like termites. Also, the frames are strong enough to prevent the doors and windows from expanding or contracting.

When it comes to security, these homes are non-flammable due to the steel frames, which reduce the possibility of fire accidents. During the construction, you can customise the home with all the security features you need.

They Can Be a Source of Extra Income

Granny flat kits are popularly known as living space for the elderly, but they can also be used as a rental space. An extra income can go a long way in meeting some of the demands you may have. You can use the money to settle some utility bills, pay off any loans like a mortgage or even do more developments in your property. So if you are wondering how to make an additional income, a granny flat might be a great idea.

They Are Easy to Install

Another incredible benefit of the granny flats is the ease of installation. The materials are light, and the kit contains a manual to help you with the installation process. The manual makes the work a lot easier and faster for the roofers and contractors. In some cases, the manufacturer offers free installation, which may be a less stressful option.

They Enable Your Family to Stay Together

The elderly need special care, which explains why many end up in homes for the old. As a result, the family is separated, which is not good. Instead of doing this, why not put up the granny kit for your aging loved one? That way, you will allow them to spend their remaining years together with those they love most.

Granny flat kits are no doubt a creative idea, and they are packed with loads of advantages. Contact a company that provides granny flat kits for more information. 

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